Art work
100  M
$KULL Supply
Metaverse Land
100 +


Social Presence


1.Introducing website, Twitter and Instagram.
2.Building Community and raising awareness of Blockchain,WEB3.0,NFT and Crypto currencies.

$KULL Token Launch


1.Introduce $KULL ,our utility token. Earn more on Instagram, Discord and telgram.
2.Distribution of $KULL to community users on Discord.

Sneak Peek Release


1.Sneak-peak of NFT art and distribution of our crypto to first 100 #42d5c1list users.
2.Contests to win NFT, Cash prizes, Whitelist token (Discord Server.)

The Blackout Mint


1.Minting will be open for pre and public sale.
2.Launching Staking dashboard of NFT's to earn $KULL passively.
3.Introducing breeding of the NFT's to upgrade your current 3d NFT's.

The Metaverse


1. First experience for Metakul holder in the educative Metaverse.
2.Airdrop of Metaverse land to 777 Metakul NFT's hodlers.
3.Pre and Public sale of Metakul digital land in Metaverse

P2E Game Release


1.Launching our P2E games in metaverse.
2.Start of Digital Education In first ever Digital Gurukul.

NFT x Collectibles


👉 February 2023. Public Date will be announced later
777 unique 3d nfts are ready to be adopted to acquire free land in 7777 Educational Metaverse.
METAKUL runs on the Polygon chain. It ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 with most trx per seconds then other chains.
You will be able to purchase/mint META-KUL NFT through our public minting sale, or once the collection is live through our opensea.io collection.
Kindly download Ethereum Wallet and be ready.
For Wl users prices are really low.
First 500 users to join the server can invite 1 people & they could apply for a whitelist spot. Afterwards inviting 5 people will get whitelisted.
Just check the 🏆│rewards channel of our Discord.
Virtual land, or land NFTs, are digital plots of real estate within a Virtual World. They are represented by a non-fungible token (NFT) and offer you perks and benefits for being a citizen of that Virtual World.

👉 Check out our Discord. to learn about what it means to own Metaverse Land!

Meet Our Team

Fully Doxxed team of GBPIET Students who build the project in a small Cafe while getting high.

Shubham Kunwar

(Blockchain Developer)

Narendra Rauthan

(UI/UX Designer)

Vishal Shukla

(Web3 Marketer)

Neeraj Pokhriyal

(3D Artist)

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